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Already today, the Internet eases our everyday life. It helps us to get connected, to work efficiently and to stay informed. Tomorrow, the Internet will make our homes more comfortable, secure and energy-saving.

Our “security light” tells you how. It incorporates automatic lighting and security features into regular bulbs. Just screw it in – and let your home become smart.


BeProject 2014

Be.Project 2014

Venture Kick 1st and 2nd

Venture Kick 1st & 2nd

AXA Innovation Award 2014

AXA Innovation Award 2014

Problem and Solution Approach

Today, most homes are left unprotected as traditional home security systems are insufficient in many aspects: First, they are costly, due to high initial and/or high running costs. They are cumbersome to de-/install and often require a professional installer, if at all permitted by the landlord. Armed, the systems bear the risk of sending false alarms, which causes high public and private costs as the police or security services are automatically informed. Given these shortfalls, we see traditional security systems addressing a small segment of home owners in the upper premium market, while the vast majority of homes are “fair game” to burglars. We are convinced the market is in great need of an affordable, effective and renter-friendly solution.

comfy is a regular LED bulb, enhanced by the Internet of Things, i.e. sensors and connectivity. This imparts novel properties to the bulb: (1) The bulb is able to capture real time presence data about its surroundings and (2) it can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app. This lays the foundation for novel services – beyond “just light”. comfy is the first home security device which features threefold preventive, detective and reactive security functions.

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Prof. Dr. Felix WortmannScientific Director