We continously look for eager students and graduates to join our team as a bachelor or master candidate, intern, or as senior researcher and PhD student.

Bachelor & Master Theses

Finishing your studies at the University of St. Gallen or ETH Zurich and looking for an exciting thesis subject? Why not consider one of these:

If you are interested to work on a different topic as bachelor/master thesis, please contact the responsible research associate directly.

Internship positions

In the middle of (or close to finishing) your studies at the University of St. Gallen or ETH Zurich and looking for an exciting part-time job? Why not considering one of these internship opportunities:

PhD & Research Positions

Already graduated, and looking for an opportunity to change the world, at least a little bit? Why not join us as a PhD student:

There are currently no open positions.


You did not find anything suitable? Then don’t worry, we take unsolicited applications also from students abroad and other universities.
Please check also our partners and affiliated research initiatives and labs:

Bosch Digital Solutions – IoT & Blockchain Solutions

Bosch Digital Solutions is a Think Tank and solutions provider based at the ETH in Zurich. We are working closely together with the Bosch IoT Lab, the world-wide Bosch research and development departments, and the Bosch Business Units. We provide end-to-end solutions. From innovative proof of concepts to scalable products, and from secure hardware to reliable cloud services.
For more information please see

Center for Digital Health Interventions

The Center for Digital Health Interventions (C4DHI) is a joint initiative of the University of St. Gallen and ETH Zurich that combines information technology and behavioral sciences to promote well-being and a healthy lifestyle. Its objective is to build and evaluate consumer-centric health information systems that have not only the potential to improve outcomes and reduce costs of health interventions but also to support health promotion and disease prevention strategies of organizations. Prof. Elgar Fleisch chairs the C4DHI as the scientific head while it is operated under the direction of Ass. Prof. Dr. Tobias Kowatsch. For more information please see

Auto-ID Lab

Whereas the global Auto-ID Labs Network with its Labs at MIT, ETH/HSG, Keio, Cambridge, Fudan, ICU (Korea), and Adelaide, is co-chaired by Prof. Sanjay Sarma, MIT, and Prof. Elgar Fleisch, ETH/HSG, the ETH/HSG Auto-ID Lab is currently run by its Assistant Director Asst.-Prof. Alexander Ilic. The St. Gallen / Zürich Auto-ID Labs research interests are centered on the Internet of Things in the retail industry, with a special focus on Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) applications for the end-consumer, mobile phone applications, the extension of the Electronic Product Code (EPC) Architecture Framework for sensing capabilities, and technical approaches to combat counterfeiting. For more information please see and

Bits to Energy Lab

The Bits to Energy-Lab, co-chaired by Prof. Friedemann Mattern of ETH, and Prof. Elgar Fleisch of ETH/HSG has been established and run by Prof. Thorsten Staake, a former doctoral student of Elgar Fleisch. The lab is a joint initiative of several chairs and industry partners that is dedicated to investigating the role of ubiquitous computing technologies for sustainable development. Its research interests include the use of IT to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions with a special focus on consumption visualization and carbon accounting. For more information please see


If you have any open questions, please feel free to contact us.