Personalized Mobility

In an ever-more digitalised world, the effortless and secure identification of a person has become a key enabler of many new products, services and business models. However, person identification today is often cumbersome and insecure. Consequently, there is a new generation of frictionless and reliable identification processes in development that apply machine learning techniques such as face or voice recognition to authenticate users. In light of these recent developments, we explore whether the approach of machine-learning-based person identification can be applied to the car.

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Personalized Mobility

Gahr, B., Ryder, B., Dahlinger, A., Wortmann, F. (2018), Driver Identification via Brake Pedal Signals – A Replication and Advancement of Existing Techniques, IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems. [PDF]

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Prof. Dr. Felix Wortmann
Prof. Dr. Felix WortmannScientific Director