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In-Vehicle Affect Recognition and Regulation

Healthcare is a growing concern among societies. With the increasing pressure from daily lives and the ageing of population, more and more people suffer from sub-health conditions and chronic diseases (such as mental disorders or neurodegenerative diseases), which are often unnoticed until the diseases become severe. The emotional state plays a crucial role in mental disorders. Early detection and providing necessary intervention in order to help people maintain a healthy status is the goal of the In-Vehicle Affect Recognition And Regulation (ARNE) project. The improvement of vehicular technologies has equipped cars with the intelligence that makes many potential applications possible. The car as a modern commodity for many people provides a controlled environment in which they spend a substantial amount of time. We explore whether AI in vehicles can be leveraged for analyzing people’s health status by monitoring and evaluating their driving behaviors.

Koch, Kevin; Liu, Shu; Berger, Thomas; and Wortmann, Felix, “Towards the Healing Car: Investigating the Potential of Psychotherapeutic In-vehicle Interventions” (2020). Research-in-Progress Papers. 8. [PDF]

Kevin Koch, Varun Mishra, Shu Liu, Thomas Berger, Elgar Fleisch, David Kotz, and Felix Wortmann. 2021. When Do Drivers Interact with In-Vehicle Well-being Interventions? An Exploratory Analysis of a Longitudinal Study on Public Roads. Proc. ACM Interact. Mob. Wearable Ubiquitous Technol. 5, 1, Article 19 (March 2021), 30 pages. DOI:

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