IoT Organization

IoT Organization

In light of emerging digital technologies, executives across industries are challenged to rethink current business models, including their companies’ organizational structures. To meet future customer expectations, in particular large manufacturing companies aim to integrate two so far distinct worlds: the physical world (i.e. the design, production, and maintenance of complex hardware products) and the digital world (i.e. software enabling data analytics and digital services). Large manufacturing companies often possess various business units, a diversified business model portfolio, and complex IT landscapes including traditional, embedded, and digital IT types. Hence, they face specific organizational issues, which so far only received limited attention among professionals. Based on in-depth expert interviews with companies across the IoT ecosystem we identified seven main issues how digital transformation will affect large manufacturing companies’ overall organizational structure. In addition, we identify six IoT organizational archetypes that depict how multibusiness manufacturing companies allocate and integrate IT capabilities within their organizational structures and a set of six influential factors that drive archetype adoption.

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Bilgeri, D., Fleisch, E., & Wortmann, F. (2018). How the IoT Affects Multibusiness Industrial Companies: IoT Organizational Archetypes. International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2018, in San Francisco, CA. PDF

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