“Taking Mental Health & Well-Being to the Streets” presented at CHI 2021

We presented this week our article Taking Mental Health & Well-Being to the Streets: An Exploratory Evaluation of In-Vehicle Interventions in the Wildat the 2021 ACM Virtual Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI). CHI is considered as the premier international conference on Human-Computer Interaction. The full article is available in the ACM library or directly as PDF.

The increasing number of mental disorders worldwide calls for novel types of prevention measures. Given the number of commuters who spend a substantial amount of time on the road, the car offers an opportune environment. This paper presents the first in-vehicle intervention study affecting mental health and well-being on public roads. We designed and implemented two in-vehicle interventions based on proven psychotherapy interventions. Whereas the first intervention uses mindfulness exercises while driving, the second intervention induces positive emotions through music. Ten ordinary and healthy commuters completed 313 of these interventions on their daily drives over two months. We collected drivers’ immediate and post-driving feedback for each intervention and conducted interviews with the drivers after the end of the study. The results show that both interventions have improved drivers’ well-being. While the participants rated the music intervention very positively, the reception of the mindfulness intervention was more ambivalent.
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Kevin Koch
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