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Bosch IoT Lab @START Hack 2019

The Bosch IoT Lab contributed an IoT & AI challenge to the START Hackathon 2019 at the University of St. Gallen. Our challenge was to improve the quality of life through new “Well-Being & Health” experiences while driving. In addition, we offered a special prize for the most innovative car UI.

In the end, it was  a tough decision to choose two winners out of 13 teams. In the 35 hours of coding, the teams developed impressive prototypes which made the decision difficult.

Our jury awarded the first price to the team #WastedPotential that ideated the concept of new in-car gaming and entertainment possibilities. Their prototype allowed to play Super Mario Bros. just by using the steering wheel, gas and brake pedal.

Challenge winner:

BriefVoice mastered the special challenge as #1 by combining access to media content, vehicle navigation and vehicle state in a state-of-the-art manner.

Special challenge UI winner:

Further highlights included realtime emotion and object recognition in- and outside of the car, interactive driving lessons, or advanced driver scoring. Even not all teams could win a price, we thank all of them for their inspiring solutions and their participation. Further, we want to thank the START Hack organization team for a great event. Hopefully, we can provide a challenge next year again!