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August 4, 2014

Connected Car

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We’re offering master theses in the field of
ConnectedCar / Autonomous Driving / Machine Learning / Data Analytics

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Connected Car

We see and treat the car as a sensor platform that, connected with other cars, bares huge potential to increase driver safety and sustainability!
Therefore, we managed to build a plug-and-play system for the car that is (1) able to read and process deep car data, (2) from many cars in order to (3) warn drivers in advance of dangerous road sections.
We further support our users to drive more eco-friendly and safe.

Watch this TV show feature of us to get a look on our project (beginning at 1:15):


Current Projects

Currently a field study runs in cooperation with TCS. The aim of this study is to discover the different influences of information feedback systems on the driving style.


In a second phase a hotspot warning system is developed. Based on historical accident data, drivers get warnings on bypassing potential high-risk areas.

warning incident ahead

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André Dahlinger
André DahlingerPh.D. candidate and doctoral researcher
Benjamin Ryder
Benjamin RyderPh.D. candidate and doctoral researcher
Bernhard Gahr
Bernhard GahrPh.D. candidate and doctoral researcher

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