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August 4, 2014

Security Light / Comfy

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Comfy: Security Meets Light

Already today, the Internet eases our everyday life. It helps us to get connected, to work efficiently and to stay informed. Tomorrow, the Internet will make our homes more comfortable, secure and energy-saving.

Our “security light” tells you how. It incorporates automatic lighting and security features into regular bulbs. Just screw it in – and let your home become smart.



Be.Project 2014

Venture Kick 1st & 2nd

AXA Pic Marcus Stefanie
AXA Innovation Award 2014

Problem and Solution Approach

Today, most homes are left unprotected as traditional home security systems are insufficient in many aspects: First, they are costly, due to high initial and/or high running costs. They are cumbersome to de-/install and often require a professional installer, if at all permitted by the landlord. Armed, the systems bear the risk of sending false alarms, which causes high public and private costs as the police or security services are automatically informed. Given these shortfalls, we see traditional security systems addressing a small segment of home owners in the upper premium market, while the vast majority of homes are “fair game” to burglars. We are convinced the market is in great need of an affordable, effective and renter-friendly solution.

comfy is a regular LED bulb, enhanced by the Internet of Things, i.e. sensors and connectivity. This imparts novel properties to the bulb: (1) The bulb is able to capture real time presence data about its surroundings and (2) it can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app. This lays the foundation for novel services – beyond “just light”. comfy is the first home security device which features threefold preventive, detective and reactive security functions.

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Stefanie Turber
Stefanie TurberCo-founder ComfyLight AG
Marcus Köhler
Marcus KöhlerCo-founder ComfyLight AG
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Smart Individual Room Heating

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Smart Individual-Room Heating

Large amounts of energy are wasted due to unnecessary space heating in residential buildings, i.e. by heating rooms (or whole dwellings) even though residents do not occupy them. Several studies have shown that the major reason for this behaviour is the poor usability and understanding of current heating controls. For that reason, most people also prefer to adapt their thermal comfort by changing clothes or opening windows as their principal action, instead of adjusting the heating. Following the recent development of “smart” thermostats, we address the aforementioned challenges by developing an heating IS with better controls and comprehensive heating feedback to empower residents to adapt heating radiators in their rooms to their needs. In this work, we present the requirement analysis, implementation and field test evaluation of a novel smart individual room heating prototype. The system combines an intuitive user interface, supporting feedback and automation capabilities. We demonstrate that such a new generation of heating controls indeed improves usability and understanding and thereby leads to lower setpoints by 2-3° Celsius on average, which could enable significant energy savings.


Read the Papers

ecis 2016                                                 ecis




iot-conf       iot-conf-paper



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Thomas von Bomhard
Thomas von BomhardResearcher
Dominic Wörner
Dominic WörnerResearcher

Quantified Art

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Quantified Art

Indoor room-climate influences our everyday life. Regardless, we don´t control our room climate in an effective way, although we would be better off doing so.

Quantified Art introduces a radically new user interface. The system is an informative art system, equipped with standard room climate sensors for temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide. A display embedded in a standard art frame presents the current room climate on the basis of classical art. Changing room conditions are reflected in modifications to the painting in real-time. This allows users to control and manage their room climate more effective.


The IoT at School and at the CES in Las Vegas

“The Only Enemy of Art is…” Your Room Climate



An Art-Based IS for Improving Room-Climate

Design Science in Practice: Design and Evaluation of an Art Based Information System to Improve Indoor Air Quality at Schools


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Paul Rigger
Paul RiggerResearcher


Connected Car

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We’re offering master theses in the field of
ConnectedCar / Autonomous Driving / Machine Learning / Data Analytics

Check our Call for Master Theses


Connected Car

We see and treat the car as a sensor platform that, connected with other cars, bares huge potential to increase driver safety and sustainability!
Therefore, we managed to build a plug-and-play system for the car that is (1) able to read and process deep car data, (2) from many cars in order to (3) warn drivers in advance of dangerous road sections.
We further support our users to drive more eco-friendly and safe.

Watch this TV show feature of us to get a look on our project (beginning at 1:15):


Current Projects

Currently a field study runs in cooperation with TCS. The aim of this study is to discover the different influences of information feedback systems on the driving style.


In a second phase a hotspot warning system is developed. Based on historical accident data, drivers get warnings on bypassing potential high-risk areas.

warning incident ahead

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André Dahlinger
André DahlingerPh.D. candidate and doctoral researcher
Benjamin Ryder
Benjamin RyderPh.D. candidate and doctoral researcher
Bernhard Gahr
Bernhard GahrPh.D. candidate and doctoral researcher

E-Bike Business Model

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E-Bike Business Model – What if the future brings a company ebike for everyone?

New German tax legislation puts a new spin on establishing the eBike as a central means of transportation: Company eBikes are treated the same as company cars as they too are tax-deductible.


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Kristina Flüchter
Kristina FlüchterResearcher


IoT Platforms

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IoT Platforms

We investigate into success factors for Internet of Things platforms.


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Thomas von Bomhard
Thomas von BomhardResearcher
Dominic Wörner
Dominic WörnerResearcher
Ass. Prof. Felix Wortmann
Ass. Prof. Felix WortmannScientific Director Bosch IoT Lab

IoT Business Models

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IoT Business Models

Building on the St. Galler Business Model Navigator we research the influence of the IoT on Business Models.


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Dominik Bilgeri
Dominik BilgeriResearcher
Dr. Markus Weinberger
Dr. Markus WeinbergerDirector Bosch IoT Lab

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