Initial Coin Offerings

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs): An Introduction to the Novel Funding Mechanism Based on Blockchain Technology Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are a novel form of funding mechanism that is based on blockchain technology. While ICOs are already the dominating financing paradigm in the blockchain industry, they might also disrupt well-established industries [...]

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Odometer on the Blockchain

Blockchain as a Privacy Enabler: An Odometer Fraud Prevention System Giving people ownership of the data they produce becomes more and more important in times of ever-growing capabilities to collect and analyze data of individuals. In light of this challenge, we show how blockchain technology can enable privacy by presenting an odometer fraud [...]

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Sensor as a Service

When Your Sensor Earns Money. Exchanging Data for Cash with Bitcoin Bitcoin is an emerging technology which allows two entities to exchange value over the Internet without trust. Embracing that those entities could well be machines we present a system that allows a sensor to offer its measurement data directly to a world-wide data [...]

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Bitcoin Ecosystem

The Bitcoin Ecosystem: Disruption Beyond Financial Services ? The Bitcoin ecosystem has grown tremendously in recent years. While the main sectors of growth and venture capital funding have been infrastructure for the Bitcoin ecosystem itself as well as financial services, there is also a more recent evolution in sectors beyond financial services. We classify [...]

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Security Light / Comfy

Comfy: Security Meets Light Already today, the Internet eases our everyday life. It helps us to get connected, to work efficiently and to stay informed. Tomorrow, the Internet will make our homes more comfortable, secure and energy-saving. Our “security light” tells you how. It incorporates automatic lighting and security features into regular bulbs. Just [...]

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Smart Individual Room Heating

Smart Individual-Room Heating Large amounts of energy are wasted due to unnecessary space heating in residential buildings, i.e. by heating rooms (or whole dwellings) even though residents do not occupy them. Several studies have shown that the major reason for this behaviour is the poor usability and understanding of current heating controls. For that [...]

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Quantified Art

Quantified Art Indoor room-climate influences our everyday life. Regardless, we don´t control our room climate in an effective way, although we would be better off doing so. Quantified Art introduces a radically new user interface. The system is an informative art system, equipped with standard room climate sensors for temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide. [...]

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Connected Car

Connected Car We see and treat the car as a sensor platform that, connected with other cars, bares huge potential to increase driver safety and sustainability! Therefore, we developed a plug-and-play system for the car that is able to read and process detailed data from the car's Controller Area [...]

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E-Bike Business Model

E-Bike Business Model - What if the future brings a company ebike for everyone? New German tax legislation puts a new spin on establishing the eBike as a central means of transportation: Company eBikes are treated the same as company cars as they too are tax-deductible.   Get in touch!   [...]

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